About Saha

With what 2020 brought to our lives, we realized that Digital Transformation is almost done. People prefer working remotely and robotic systems are starting to take care of the routine, boring tasks in our daily lives at work and inside our homes. So now, it is the time for the next level: Robotic Transformation.


We decided not to be late and started contributing to this next level by creating our team of professionals in September 2020. Our aim is not to replace human labor with robots, but rather creating an environment where humans and robots work collaboratively on what is easy to do for them.


With a scalable business plan and through optimized workflows, we are planning to introduce our Speedy robots to the world. As Saha Robotic Delivery Technologies Inc., we aim to expand our operation to 5 continents in the following 5 years via our dynamic team and agile engineering methodologies.



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