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Speedy Service

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any workflow, Speedy Service is a game-changer in guest interaction. From welcoming visitors to providing uninterrupted service, this robot enhances your team's performance and makes a memorable impact on guests.

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Speedy Courier

Speedy Courier combines advanced robotics with intelligent IoT technology to transform package transportation and delivery within complex facilities like hospitals and large buildings.

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Speedy Pixel

Speedy Pixel, equipped with a 32" display, is the ultimate marketing tool, perfect for showcasing dynamic advertisements, delivering targeted messaging, and creating immersive brand experiences.

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Extensive Application and Wide Recognition

We deliver your grocery shopping, cargo and more with fully autonomous robots connected to the cloud, and provide 24/7 service and support.

Recognized with internationally renowned iF Design Award

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Seamless IoT Integration

Interaction with Elevator/Turnstile/Automatic Doors with IoT Integration

Speedy Courier, which we have specially developed for high-rise buildings, can communicate with elevators, turnstiles and automatic doors in your business thanks to its IoT (Internet of Things) integration and move between floors and rooms without the need for any staff assistance. This makes your room services much more efficient and faster.

Automatic Door

HORECA 4.0 by SAHA ®

HORECA 4.0 by SAHA is an avant-garde ecosystem that seamlessly merges technology with the traditional essence of hospitality. At the heart of our innovation lies a commitment to enhancing the dining and lodging experience through cutting-edge service robots, integrated POS & ePOS systems, and our signature AI waiter, Servi.AI. Coupled with interactive QR menus and smart inventory management, we redefine the standards of service, efficiency, and personalization. By embracing the digital revolution, HORECA 4.0 by SAHA not only anticipates the future of hospitality but also crafts it, ensuring every guest interaction is exceptional, memorable, and distinctly human. SAHA Analytics platform harnesses the power of data-driven decision-making to optimize operations and elevate customer experiences. Our analytics engine analyzes patterns and trends to offer predictive insights, empowering businesses to stay ahead in the competitive market and deliver precision-driven service excellence.

SAHA Analytics Platform

Our advanced analytics platform, turns data into actionable insights, helping you understand customer preferences and operational efficiencies. With HORECA 4.0 by SAHA, leverage Enzymetrics to enhance customer satisfaction through personalized services and optimized business operations.

Speedy Service Robots

Revolutionizing hospitality with our cutting-edge service robots, HORECA 4.0 by SAHA brings the efficiency of automation combined with the charm of human-like interaction to your dining experience. These robots enhance service speed and accuracy, ensuring every customer enjoys a seamlessly efficient, personable dining journey.

POS & ePOS Integration

Seamlessly integrating Point of Sale systems, HORECA 4.0 by SAHA enhances operational efficiency and customer service, ensuring a smooth transaction process from order to payment. This integration streamlines operations, reduces errors, and improves financial tracking across your business.

AI Waiter (Servi.AI)

Introducing Servi.AI, our AI-powered assistant, HORECA 4.0 by SAHA blends the convenience of technology with the personal touch of traditional service, making every interaction memorable. Servi.AI personalizes guest interactions, offering recommendations and assisting with orders to elevate the customer experience."

QR Menus

With our interactive QR menus, HORECA 4.0 by SAHA transforms the dining experience, offering guests the power to explore, customize, and order with just a simple scan. These menus provide up-to-date item details, availability, and allow for immediate feedback and requests, making dining interactive and enjoyable.


Nalia Restaurant
Barista Plus
Gönül Kahvesi
Nalia Restaurant
Barista Plus
Gönül Kahvesi
    Enhance Experience

    Provide Your Guests with an Interactive Experience

    You can offer your guests an interactive experience with the touch digital screen and voice communication feature on the front of Speedy Pixel. With this screen, your guests can get information about products, discover promotions and engage with interactive content.

      Designed with advanced suspension systems, our robots glide effortlessly over various surfaces, ensuring smooth and stable navigation.


      Powered by SAHA VSLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, our robots possess advanced spatial awareness, enabling precise navigation.


      With an extended battery life, our robots can operate continuously for extended periods, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

    Suspension Battery
    Suspension Battery 2
    Suspension Battery 1
    Speedy PowerDock

    Autonomous Charging

    Our robots autonomously navigate to charging stations when the battery is low, ensuring they're always ready to serve.

    Dock 2
    Dock Robot 1
    Coordinated Robots

    Fleet and Traffic Management

    Efficient coordination of multiple robots ensures seamless collaboration and optimized performance.

    Precision Navigation

    Our robots scan and map their surroundings with unparalleled accuracy, enabling safe and reliable operation in dynamic environments.


    Analytics at Your Fingertips

    You can easily oversee your robot's actions, status, and effectiveness from any location, ensuring you maintain peace of mind and control.

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